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Getting Married that’s EASY

So we are getting married. a proposal, bubbly wine and a tear were involved in the decision. then practicality kicked in: all we have to do is submit some papers, find a barrier free place (for the special people using wheelchairs invited) and be prepared for all weather conditions and all dietary requirements. EASY. Documents from Israel had to be translated by an approved translator from the list on the German embassy's website. Then the ministry Read More

Tibet Mt. Everest I don’t like your altitude

Our Group at the Potala Palace, Lhasa, Tibet We have sleeper bunks in different carriages, the hard sleepers, stacked in 3's on both sides of a narrow compartment with a corridor along one side just wide enough for tiny flip-down seats & only just enough room to walk through, stepping over people's legs & dodging the food trolley. The reading glasses I bought in Shanghai, because I forgot to bring them from home, are broken before we even pass Yangzhou, Read More

An Adventure to Remember in Strasbourg France

The Alsace- Lorraine region is one that has changed hands between Germany and France on multiple occasions over the centuries. Many of the schools in this area are bilingual, teaching German and French as the two main languages. After seeing the beauty and character of Strasbourg and it's surroundings, it is easy to see why both countries have had such an affinity for the locale. Our day began quite early, meeting at the train station in nearby Read More

Huaraz 0608 April 2014

visited today are from the Chavín civilization for which the town is named. They are very much pre-Inca, being about 3000 years old. Our guide was multi-lingual with a group that was mostly Spanish-speaking besides the four of us. He definitely spoke for much longer to the Spanish group than he did to us and it was hard not to feel as though we were missing something. It rained a little while we were looking around and the ponchos we bought at Read More

Excursion to HayonWye

May, we got up slightly early to catch the 10:05 bus for Hay-on-Wye. The bus was running through lovely countryside and picturesque villages. We got off on the Castle Street near Hay Castle. Hay-on-Wye is officially a town in Wales − there were bilingual signs at many places in the town. We picked up and bought the information leaflets, e.g. the map of the bookshops, the map of historical spots, at the tourist information centre. As it was sunny Read More

Has that taco truck ever moved I thought if it didn’t move it needs a different license

It has been quite a while since I last posted, and I almost forgot my password to the site. Things that have happened in recent times; the Nets made it to the playoffs, got through to the quarters to be taken out by the Heat. They lost to the Heat away and the one win at home was not enough to stop the Heat in their dominant tracks. I went hiking in Cold Springs, NY, which was pleasant. It was really nice to get away from the city and check out the Read More

Intermission or maybe Intramission

We rolled up the green valley out of Akhaltsikhe and gently back into the steppe. As we climbed, we began to get the sense that we were already in Armenia. Most of the towns in the Javakheti region are inhabited by Armenians and this becomes more so the case as one nears the border post at Bavra. In contrast to the Georgians we met in our first days across the border, the Armenians we were meeting showed a mastery of the Russian language and it was Read More

Visiting London the Dutch way Visitando Londres como los holandeses

Last weekend we went Dutch. No, we didn't change nationalities or started speaking the language fluently… but we took a 3-day ride to London with a bus full of Dutch people! Ana found a deal that allowed us to travel to London by bus then by ferry from Calais to Dover, then by bus again and finally to a hotel in Stevenage where we spent the night. The trip took about 10 hours and during this time we were in 4 different countries (Netherlands, Read More

Walking Days 4 6 Villafranca Del Bierzo and Ambasmestas

07/05/14 From Molinaseca I walked to the town of Villafranca Del Bierzo which was about 31kms and I was pleased to have arrived at 3:15pm (taking about 8 hours with a few stops and picture breaks along the way). The first 10km or so was rather boring as you travelled along a road, but Peter from Brighton and I chatted and stopped for snacks etc to break it up slightly. Ponferrada, which we passed through, was an interesting town with a magnificent Read More

Field Trip to Uruma City Fire Brigade

Okinawa AMICUS International Grade Fours went on a Field Trip to visit Uruma City Fire Brigade on the third Friday of the school year. The trip was part of the Social Studies Curriculum. The six teachers and three classes hopped into the gold and silver school buses (two of a fleet of thirteen) and were delivered to the door. The Fire Station Chief formally greeted us, thank you gifts were presented and then the tour began. The students visited the Read More

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