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Turkish Delights….

Turkish Delights.... Checked out of hotel at 12, went over to Ankur's and watched Gravity in 3D, apparently another film I have to watch for my life to be complete!! Lol At 3pm we left and Ankur dropped me off at Delhi about Deja Vu! This time I was definitely leaving India for a while, no coming back the following week as my visa was shortly going to expire! So I said an emotional farewell to the country I love, oh and Ankur Read More

Jour 25 20 juillet Mystra

Il y a tellement de chose à voir ! On part de bon matin en débutant pat une petite visite de l’ensemble des 7 forteresses datant de 1710 qui dominent la ville de Nauplie. Puisque notre hôtel est réservé pour ce soir, on se planifie une bonne journée. Le théâtre d’Épidaure nous a beaucoup impressionné hier soir; Daniel, Carole et Philippe ne l’ayant pas vu, nous décidons de tous y retourner. Sans spectateurs, le théâtre nous semble Read More

Chu c Mekong Delta July 2014

Debout à 5h30. A 6h, après un bon café sua da (le fameux café au lait vietnamien) en guise de petit déjeuner, la navette vient nous chercher pour nous déposer à la gare routière pour prendre le bus pour Chaudoc. Il fait beau, une journée ensoleillée se profile. Dans le bus, on a le droit aux places « réservées » aux routards. Je dis ça parce qu’aucun vietnamien n’y est assis, qu’elles sont situées au niveau des roues arrières, Read More


DUSHANBE TUESDAY 22.7.14 I must have been tired when posting yesterday, the relevant date was 21.7.14. Today I flew to Dushanbe. Was told I would be collected at 11 am, but driver arrived 8.50 am saying we must be at airport by 9 am to catch flight., so HURRY. A Bad Start. So quickly changed clothes, finished packing and arrived airport 9.05. As it turned out no aircraft there and in fact finally departed at 10.50. No explanation for wrong instructions, Read More

Craig and Ross in East Africa

July 22, 2014. Greetings everyone from the charming country of Rwanda in central Africa. We have been here in Rwanda for about five days now and have visited the Mountain gorillas in the Northwest of the small country. More about them in a moment. In contrast to the dirty chaos of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Kampala (Uganda), the Rwandan capital, Kigali, was a pleasant surprise. It is mostly very clean and orderly, with little rubbish, and with Read More


My colleague and I, we have come for The Open 2014;and we are contentedly ensconced in our 23rd floor apartment, looking out, floor to ceiling windows, at both the languid Mersey River and the varied Liverpool skyscape; breathtaking. The range of architecture is quite engaging, classical to modern, featuring: domes and globes; a Ferris wheel in still form by day, seats unmoving, that emerges as a star in the evening; two Liverpool themed Liver-birds, Read More

Tin Dog Creek

double Donna, teddy rug and blanket on the bed, you can appreciate how cold we expected it to be, Caroline had even brought her thermal jimjams with her. We slept soundly, all toasty in our nest, I do not even remember Caroline getting into bed, I think as soon as my head touched the pillow I must have gone out like a light. The morning was beautiful, cold, but the weather looked promising, we lay around in our bed still warm from our hotties. Read More

Surf Turf Sniffles

Louis Armstrong sang it best. I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue, And clouds of white. The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night, And I think to myself, What a wonderful world. Hola all! So I've taken to starting my blogs with things I like. Well here's Things I DON'T like...In particular, getting a major cold in a tropical Read More


My fellow Hungarian, A. and me decided a few days ago that we'll both get a free morning and early afternoon so we can plan something together. This was the perfect opportunity to plan our little trip to Murano: we'll depart around 10am and from 6pm we can work. I'm waking up all cheerful on Sunday and I knocked on A.'s door when I heard a weak "Come in" from her room. I was suspicious that something is not right here, but when I opened the door Read More

Craig and Ross in East Africa

Episode 4: Goodbye Tanzania, hello Uganda July 15, 2014. Woke up this morning with a cold unfeeling reptilian eyeball staring back at me. No, it was not Ross, but a large brown gecko on my pillow. It promptly launched itself onto the wall and disappeared through a crevice. We are safe and well and are currently in Uganda. Our last few days in Tanzania were spent at Arusha National Park, where the aim was to see the beautiful black and white Read More

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