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St. Maarten May 14 2014 The Island Forts

Day 5 on the island, and we're definitely getting into the timeless nature in the spaces of our day. We didn't have to be anywhere by any time, nor be anywhere at all except where we were at any time; but, to keep us current, we managed to be on time for our happy hour interlude. We started the day with our usual balcony breakfast of cereal, bananas, coffee and sugarbird companions. We watched early risers running the beach, and others trolling with Read More

Exciting arab horse riding through unusual Turkish landscape with Afghan guide

What sounded like extreme weather came bursting through the bedroom window at around 6am this morning. I thought it was a massive wind-storm but it sounded weird and I just couldn't place it. The only solution was to look through the window and what I was confronted with was an invasion of hundreds of hot air balloons. I have never seen so many balloons, the whole town was covered at every angle, it was spectacular to see... and Glyn and I were Read More

Moscow 22 to 24 August 2013

We have been so lucky. The weather in Moscow while we were there for the 3 days, the sun was shining brilliantly. On our departure day it was pouring with rain. In the 106 days we have been travelling, the rain has only caused a little havoc in Oslo. Other times it has rained, we have been driving or sleeping. Excellent! We left St Petersburg at about 11.00am and found our way to the a roundabout way!! We had a Garmen GPS that was only Read More

Slightly Disappointed as much as one can be in Paradise

It was our last few hours in Haiti. Four am wake up call, 430am moto ride up to the normally one hour trek uphill- it wasn't a smooth ride. In fact, there was nothing smooth about it. Someone had the bright idea of loading 3 passengers on a small bike. Hint- it wasnt me. I held on as if I was going to die. Frankly, if I let go, I would definitely get hurt. In this instance, we were lucky no one was seriously injured. I decided to walk the rest of Read More

We made it

After an epic plane journey, we arrived in our Beijing hotel last night, a mere 21 hours late. First flight to KL was great, kids were awesome. Boarded next flight on time only to find out our $75pp business class wait list upgrade has been successful... yay! It wasn't until some time later we'd realise just how much of a blessing this was to be! So 10 mins after we were supposed to land in Beijing, the Captain says we've been diverted to Shanghai Read More

The Voyages of Disco Volante Portugal Pt2 Lisbon Algarve Guadiana River

Emergency wine supplies! (0.70cents) feature and there are some nice bars and restaurants at good prices. We stumbled into a fab little Brazilian bar serving fab caiparinhas. After dinner on board we headed out for some drinks – bumped into a couple who were also from Bristol and had a few too many shots, we paid for it the next day – what a hangover!!!!!!!!! – Albufeira to Faro (21.5nm / 4hrs) It would appear Lidl + heat + hangovers DO Read More


Our train is nearing Prague now as we look back on a fantastic few days in Berlin. We stayed at the East Seven hostel, which was pretty brilliant. They had everything a backpacker might ever want, from Spotify to straighteners. Our room was clean, bright and spacious, and felt like the height of luxury after our time at the more spartan Hans Brinker. This did have the unintended effect of us getting out of bed to go sightseeing later, as lying in Read More

Travel Blog Saturday 12th July 2014 to Friday 1st August 2014 SardiniaCorsica.

July 2014 to Friday 1st August 2014 – Sardinia/Corsica. July 2014. Up and leave the campsite and head off to Sardinia. It’s not a long drive to the ferry port at Bonifacio and road not too narrow BUT very winding and up and down in the mountains and some drivers are mad. After about 5km we come to a little bridge with right angle corners in and out of it, and there is a car. It looks like it came in way too fast and hit the wall and was on Read More

Liban premier jour. Beyrouth.

4 juillet, 2:54, Liban, Aéroport international Rafic Hariri. Le trajet jusqu'au Liban a été plutôt mouvementé. En effet, à Bruxelles, j'arrive le dernier, juste avant que l'avion ne décolle. Le vol se passe très bien et vient rassurer mon voisin qui n'a cessé de faire des signes de croix au décollage. Arrivée à Bucarest, je vous passe l'interminable attente d'une dizaine d'heures. L'appareil a à peine quitté le sol pour Beyrouth Read More

Testing our Brazilian bikes from Salvador to Praia do Forte

Right after the rain 3 minutes outside Praia do Forte! and Argentine tourists come here on holidays. In May the whole street was fairly quiet. There were tourists but very few… especially after the torrential rain that poured on all of us 5 minutes before we arrived! My Dad liked the atmosphere right away. He said he felt on holidays in places like these. I didn’t really like the tourist side of town and as I looked at the prices on the menus, Read More

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